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Vázquez Ramos Family

Vázquez Ramos Family

The empire of Mario Vázquez Raña, founder of Organización Editorial Mexicana (OEM) started growing by accident, at the beginning by selling furniture. OEM has 70 newspapers, 24 broadcasters and 43 websites, including one news agency (Informex). Besides Estudios Tepeyac, which pools together the radio stations, OEM has companies in other sectors such as the paper sector (Cartones Ponderosa, Productora Nacional de Papel,) publicity (Espectaculares Televisivos de Alta Definición, company that makes publicity for high-definition) and transport (Comercial Fletera México).

The father of Mario, Venancio Vázquez, came from Spain without much money at the end of the 1920s. After working as a street vendor he opened a small furniture shop where he sold things on credit. The brothers Vázquez Raña worked in this shop too since they were young. Slowly this business was growing and was called Hermanos Vázquez; for long years one of the best furniture shops in the country. This chain of furniture shops disappeared in 2014; the HQ of Hermanos Vázquez is the place where Grupo Imagen Televisión currently operates.  

In 1950, when Mario was 18 years, he founded México en Guardia, a magazine with different political topics. In 1964 he started his radio transmissions with Radio Moderna, which years after changed its name to ABC Radio. In 1976 he purchased the newspaper El Sol de México and started expanding in different Mexican states. After his death, Mario's wife, Paquita Vázquez Ramos, inherited his fortune and is currently the President of OEM and the rest of the family's businesses.

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