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Media Ownership

In Mexico, 11 families control more than half – 24 out of the 42 – of the most important media outlets with a major audience share and they receive half of the budget for government advertising.

6 out of 8 television channels, 6 out of 11 radio stations, 6 out of 13 online media an 6 out of 10 printed media belong to business groups that built their fortunes in the past century. More than half of the television channels, radio programs and daily newspapers offer news coverage that is traditionally favorable to the ruling political elites. Certain level of plurality of information can be observed in the online media, where a diversification in the media ownership can be found.

The monitoring carried out by Reporters Without Borders and CENCOS discloses who are the dominant owners, their political relations, which parts of the market they participate in, and what other businesses they own.

Among the media groups that emerged throughout the 20th century the following can be listed: the television companies Televisa and TV Azteca; the radio broadcasters Fórmula, Radio Centro and MVS; as well the corporations that own the daily newspapers El Universal and Excélsior (Imagen TV), Los Soles (Organización Editorial Mexicana), Reforma and Milenio (Multimedios). Added to these in recent times is UNOtv (América Móvil), in ownership of Carlos Slim, which competes in the online media market.

Although some of these conglomerates have entered or increased their participation in the media market in the last 20 years (Imagen TV, América Móvil and Multimedios), the majority of players built their strong market positions – and the wealth that came with it – over the course of the past century.

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