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Manuel Arroyo

Manuel Arroyo

Mexican businessman with investments in the communication media sector, telecommunications, technology, security and construction. President of Grupo Multimedia Lauman, where he is the President and General Director of the business daily El Financiero.

In the business world, Manuel Arroyo is seen as a young businessman who became successful thanks to a company he started building when he was only 17 years old: Comtelsat is a pioneer in telecommunication services and infrastructure offered to companies that need to transmit contents. Among Comtelsat's clients are media giants such as América Móvil, Televisa, TV Azteca, Cablevisión, ESPN, el Canal del Congreso and TV UNAM, that have purchased construction of TV sets and even equipment for TV production.

Thanks to the fortune he made with Comtelsat, Manuel Arroyo grew from spectator to player in the media sector: he bought the daily El Financiero, national reference in topics related to economy. To strengthen his investment, Manuel Arroyo made an alliance with the international news agency for finance-related content Bloomberg. With it, he could easily produce content for the news channel El Financiero TV ownership of Grupo Multimedia Lauman.

In 2013, Manuel Arroyo was given the award "Empresario del Año 2013" (Businessman for the year 2013), granted by the Confederation of National Commerce Chambers (Confederación de Cámaras Nacionales de Comercio - Concanaco). The former President Enrique Peña Nieto was the one who handed him the award.

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Manuel Arroyo - In different business articles he has been pointed as the person whose name has been used for the illegal activities of the former president of the Senate Ernesto Cordero from the political party PAN (National Action Party) and for the former presidential spokesperson, Alejandra Sota. Cordero and Sota worked in the government of the President Felipe Calderón (2006-2012).

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