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Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. (PRISA)

Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. (PRISA)

The company has a presence in 24 countries and has global brands such as El País, Santillana and W Radio. It is one of the Spanish-speaking media groups with the largest presence in the world. Its official website indicates that it also participates in the field of the digital economy with connectivity and innovation products and services. In addition, it claims to have 152 million organic browsers. Information published by the newspaper El País indicates that Grupo PRISA held a cocktail party in 2014, attended by representatives from the business, cultural and communication fields; among them was Roberto Alcántara Rojas, the Mexican businessman who joined the Board of Directors of Grupo PRISA in 2013 with a capital increase of 100 million euros.

Key facts

Mother Company

Grupo Prisa

Business Form


Legal Form


Business Sectors

Broadcasting, Publishing, Media, Internet, Entertainment


Individual Owner

Polanco Family

The Polanco family consists of Jesús de Polanco, who founded Grupo PRISA, and his two sons: Manuel Polanco, board member and president of Grupo PRISA, and Ignacio Polanco, who was presiding over the Group until 2012 and currently serves as honorary president of the media conglomerate.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

El País

Other TV Outlets

Grupo Media Capital

Other Radio Outlets

Prisa Radio

Other Online Outlets

El País,


Media Business

Prisa Noticias



Prisa Bran Solutions

Audiovisual production

Plural Entreteinment


Planet Events

http://Tyrona Eventos

Grupo Televisa SAB (México)
Grupo Media Capital (Portugal)
Cadena Radial Colombiana de Televisión (Colombia)

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Jesús Polanco was one of the most important businessman in Spain and at a certain point he was considered as one of the 250 richest men in the world, according to the Forbes magazine. Thanks to his small editorial and his connections with the totalitarian government of Francisco Franco, he accumulated sufficient capital to establish the daily newspaper El País and serve as his president. That daily was the beginning for the conglomerate Promotora de Informaciones Sociedad Anónima, or Grupo PRISA.




Gran vía, 3228013 Madrid, EspañaTeléfono: +34 91 330 10 00

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