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González Family

González Family

The family recognizes the entrepreneur Jesús Dionisio González González (1913-1997) as the founder of Grupo Multimedios and Grupo Milenio. Through an interview with Jesús Dionisio in 1992, we know that his son Francisco Antonio González Sánchez has been in charge of Multimedios since (at least) the early 90s. “He is currently the head of all of this, all of Multimedios“, he stated.

There is little information about the members of the González family, their businesses, and functions. The media conglomerate Grupo Multimedios comprises: open broadcast television channels in 1 in every 3 states in the country, around forty radio stations, one national and eight local newspapers, one pay-television news chain, and one of the most visited online portals.

The third of the González, Francisco Darío González Albuerne –son of Francisco González II– is Chief Executive of Grupo Milenio and Co-Deputy Chairman of Grupo Multimedios. Francisco III was captured in 2017 getting on a government helicopter with the Senate leader, on their way to play golf with former president Enrique Peña Nieto.

His brother Jesús Dionisio González Albuerne is also Co-Deputy Chairman of the Group, as mentioned in two news releases in Multimedios, published in May and August of 2017. The first at a wake, and the second when receiving a tribute to their grandfather Jesús Dionisio “For his support of the Catholic Church and the Community of Nuevo León; The Order of Knights of Columbus.”

Multimedios participates in the design, construction and operation of housing and retail areas, advertising, and sports –it owns 50% of the baseball team Sultanes de Monterrey.

In 2017, the ex-governor of Monterrey, Jaime Rodríguez alias “El Bronco”, demanded that Club Sultanes returned the original name of the Monterrey Stadium, which the company Promociones Deportivas Jome, AC had changed to “Mobil Super” after negotiations with a sponsor. 

Local media say this is not the first time that Grupo Multimedios has profited from state spaces to their commercial advantage, citing the case of the group’s carnival games business “Bosque Mágico”, exposed in 2016. The articles mention that “Bosque Mágico” occupies 13.6 hectares inside the Park La Pastora –state property– and does not pay the total costs incurred for occupying said area.

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Francisco Antonio González Sánchez - President of Grupo Multimedios. Together with his father, Jesús Dionisio González González, he co-founded Comercializadora Jubileo S.A. de C.V. in the 1970s. Four decades later, at the end of 2014, this company which is importing subsidiary of Grupo Multimedios and mainly engaged in production and sale of amusement park mechanical games - won a public tender in amount of around 539 millions of Mexican pesos for a project for waste water treatement in the State of Nuevo León.

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Grupo Milenio publishes the name and position of its managers on its web page. Grupo Multimedios, to whom Grupo Milenio belongs, does not publish this information. The names and positions of the managers of Grupo Multimedios can only be found in press releases.#

It is unknown if the mother company of the media conglomerate “Grupo Multimedios” is the same-named Grupo Multimedios S.A. de C.V. The search for this company's name in the registers of the Mexican Business Information System or in the Single Registry of Suppliers and Contractors did not bring any results.#

Grupo Multimedios is not registered as a brand in front of the Mexican Institute for Intelectual Property. The owners of the brands of the conglomerate - Multimedios, MM Redes and M Mileno Televisión- are the companies Multimedios Estrellas de Oro S.A. de C.V. and Milenio Diario S.A. de C.V.#

The concessionaires for the radio and television sector of the conglomerate: Multimedios Televisión S.A. de C.V, Televisión Digital S.A de C.V and Radio Informativa S.A de C.V. are subsidiary companies of Multimedios Radio S.A. de C.V. The Public Registry of Concessions does not publish the shareholder stucture of the latter.#

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