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Ealy Ortiz Family

Ealy Ortiz Family

The most influential members of the family Ealy Ortiz are Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz - Executive President and President of the Management Board of the media El Universal; and his son Juan Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret - General Director of the media; other family members also participate in the functioning and management of the media.

The origins of the Ealy Ortiz family can be traced in the State of Coahuila, where the family participated in politics on state and national level; for example the uncle of the Executive President of El Universal was State's Governor and then Secretary of Agriculture.

Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz took the control over the media from 1969 to 2007 and under his leadership the media and all its products have been associated to a pro government editorial policy. Columnists and media specialists identify it as an element close to the governing party PRI with exceptional rights on important coverages, such as the one in 1996 which placed the murder of the presidential candidate from PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) as a conspiracy that surged from within the Mexican government. Few months later Ealy Ortiz was arrested for fiscal evasion but was freed after paying millions as bail; the case was managed by his lawyer - a known defender of PRI politicians.

The family Ealy Ortiz maintains close ties with important national politicians: in June 2014, he organized a party for his daughter's 15th birthday and among the invited were at that time Mexico's Interior Secretary, the Attorney General, the Head of Government of Mexico City and other high-ranking politicians. Besides that, father and son tend to be guests of honor for many influential politicians as it happened with the wedding of the daughter of PRI's former national president, who by the way has been accused for diverting millions of Mexican pesos from the public budget to pro-government electoral campaigns.

Hand in hand with his position in the management of the media, Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz has been councelor for government entities such as the Attorney General's Office, while Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret has received an award from former President Enrique Peña Nieto because of his commitment with his media.

The family Ealy Ortiz also participate in international and regional press organizations, such as the World Association of Newspapers, the Inter American Press Association and Grupo de Diarios América.

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Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz - Is the godfather of one of the daughters of the politician Humberto Moreira, former national president of the political party PRI, former Governor of the State of Coahuila, with criminal charges in the United States for enabling the operation of the criminal group Los Zetas in the state he governed.

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Publicly, the Ealy Ortiz family does not own other businesses except for the newspaper El Universal.

In April 2012, Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz, took the presidency of Grupo de Diarios América (GDA), which has dozens of newspapers in Latin America Latina and the United States.

Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz is often described as “magnate” or “millionaire” although there is no available data about his fortune.

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