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Grupo MVS

Grupo MVS

Grupo MVS is a conglomerate of companies founded more than 50 years ago by Joaquín Vargas Gómez. MVS started with Stereorey, the first FM radio station with transmission all over the country. Very soon the group purchased new stations –including MVS Noticias– at the same time when it entered in the television sector with Telerey, one of the first independent centers for production and postproduction in Mexico.

Telerey was the starting point for MVS Comunicaciones, the media conglomerate of the Vargas family. At the end of the 1980s, this group came out with MVS Multivisión - the first wireless system for pay-TV in the country. Since then, MVS has been investing in the development of satelite TV services by subscription. In 1996, it launched DirecTV in México in alliance with Hughes Communications (United States), but eight years later the organization went bankrupt.

In 2008, MVS started operating in Mexico the satelite TV system Dish in partnership with the US company EchoStar Corporation. Today MVS Comunicaciones incorporates two important units of the group: MVS Radio (focused on radio broadcast) and MVS Telecomunicaciones (made out of four subdivisions: Dish; Fundación Dish; MVS Televisión, which produces and sales television content, and Hemisphere, which produces a movie channel in Spanish language in the United States). Grupo MVS is also the owner of Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes (CMR), which manages restaurants starting with the chain Wings in the 1960s. At present times CRM also operates international franchises such as Chili’s. 

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Vargas family

The Vargas family has been involved in the media market in Mexico since the 1960s. Grupo MVS is a conglomerate of companies which integrates MVS Radio, MVS Telecomunicaciones and Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes, which has been owned by the family for generations. MVS Radio has more than 100 regional broadcasts in Mexico and in nine additional American countries where Spanish is largely spoken including United States. 

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EXA FM Acámbaro 90.5

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Cable and satellite programming



MVS Radio

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Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes

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MVS Televisión

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MVS Televisión





Fundación CMR


Hemisphere Media Group

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Joaquín Vargas Gómez - Forerunner of the FM frequency in Mexico. He incentivized the creation of Stereorey and Telerey before establishing Grupo MVS, which has three business components: MVS Telecomunicaciones (pay-TV system) and MVS Radio (radio stations) which make MVS Comunicaciones; the third component is Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes (Mexican Corporation of Restaurants). This businessman also did business in the construction of gas stations in Mexico City. He died in 2009.




Mariano Escobedo

532, Col. Anzures México, D.F. C.P. 11590Phone: 5263-2130. www.mvsradio.comTwitter: @mvsradio

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Other Influential People

Alejandro Vargas Guajardo - Another son of Joaquín Vargas Gómez. He is the Executive President of MVS Radio.

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