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Grupo ACIR S.A. de C.V.

Grupo ACIR S.A. de C.V.

Grupo ACIR (Asociación de Concesionarios Independientes de Radio - Association of Independent Radio Concessionaires) was founded in 1965. With 50 years experience, it is present in 25 cities in the Republic, and have also diversified their activities by expanding on digital platforms.

They have more than 3 million visitors on their network, and also produce large-scale events such as concerts. In 1998 Grupo AICR joins forces with Clear Channel, US company today called Iheart Media. In 2004 they start radio transmissions in San Diego, California and in Atlanta and began organizing their first mega concerts at the central square of Mexico City, reaching attendance of more than 100,000 people.

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Business Sectors

Publicity, Concert Production


Individual Owner

Ibarra López Family

During his career, Ibarra López has been holding all the managing positions at the Chamber for Radio and Television Industry. In 2008, he presented the foundation ACIR on a public event where he invited the then Mexican president Felipe Calderón, different governors, presidents and managers of diverse chambers, boards and private sector associations.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Radio Outlets

Noticias y tráfico 88.9 FM
Amor. Música Romántica
Amor Querétaro 97.9 FM
Amor Acapulco 103.1 FM
Amor Puebla 103.3 FM
Amor Veracruz 103.7 FM
Amor Oaxaca 89.7 FM
Amor Coatzacoalcos 107.5 FM
Amor Xalapa 91.7 FM
Amor Hermosillo 92.3 FM
Amor Toluca 92.5 FM
Amor Vallarta 92.7 FM
Amor Guadalajara 93.1 FM
Amor Irapuato 94.3 FM
Amor CDMX 95.3 FM
Amor San Luis Potosí 95.3 FM
Amor Villahermosa 96.5 FM
Amor Colima 99.7 FM
Amor San Andrés Tuxtla 103.9 FM

Mix CDMX 106.5
Mix Toluca 90.1
Mix Pachuca 92.5 FM
Mix Morelia 101.7 FM
Mix Querétaro 106.5 FM
Mix Veracruz 88.5 FM
Mix Puerto Vallarta 90.3 FM
Mix Cancún 93.1 FM
Mix Acapulco 102.3 FM
Mix Villahermosa 90.1 FM
Mix Puebla 91.7 FM
Mix San Luis Potosí 99.3 FM
Mix León 103.1 FM

La Comadre Coatzacoalcos 100.1 FM
La Comadre Toluca 102.9 FM
La Comadre CDMX 1260 AM
La Comadre Culiacán 98.5 FM
La Comadre Acapulco 101.5 FM
La Comadre Pachuca 104.5 FM
La Comadre Celaya 88.1 FM
La Comadre San Luis Potosí 98.5 FM
La Comadre Hermosillo 102.7 FM
La Comadre Irapuato 106.3 FM
La Comadre Oaxaca 89.7 FM

Radio Disney CDMX 99.3 FM

Other Online Outlets


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Mass events

Monster Branding

Radio publicity

Grupo ACIR

Digital platforms

ACIR Interactive

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Francisco Ibarra López


(55) 5340 0700Montes Pirineos 770, Lomas de ChapultepecMéxico Distrito Federal,Delegación Miguel Hidalgo C.P. 11000Teléfono: (52) (55) 5201-1700Fax: (52) (55) 5201-1771

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