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Milenio Diario

Milenio Diario starts official distribution in Mexico City in 2000. Its origins however are traced in the 1970s when the founder of Grupo Multimedios, Jesús Dionisio González González, rushed into the world of the printed media with the newspaper El Diario de Monterrey. The latter was then transformed into Milenio Monterrey. Later on, the Group has expanded its newspaper network in several regions until it reached national coverage.

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The President of the Managing Board of Grupo Milenio is Francisco Antonio González Sánchez; Francisco Darío González Albuerne is the Executive President and his brother Jesús Dionisio González Albuerne is the Vice President.

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Jesús Dionisio González - Businessman in the private transport sector; he was also a brewer, and was involved in publicity and communication media where he founded Grupo Multimedios - owner of many radio stations and newspapers. He was a President of the Council of the Mexican Chamber of Television and Radio Broadcasters.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Francisco Antonio González Sánchez - President of Grupo Multimedios. Together with his father, Jesús Dionisio González González, he co-founded Comercializadora Jubileo S.A. de C.V. in the 1970s. Four decades later, at the end of 2014, this company which is importing subsidiary of Grupo Multimedios and mainly engaged in production and sale of amusement park mechanical games - won a public tender in amount of around 539 millions of Mexican pesos for a project for waste water treatement in the State of Nuevo León.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Carlos Marín Martínez - In 2012, Carlos Marín and the daily Milenio filed a lawsuit for moral damage in front of the Supreme Court of Justice against the radio presenter Lorenzo Meyer and MVS Radio. Meyer speaking about the work of Carlos Marín referred to it as "self-violation of the journalism ethics". This happened after making public a phone call record between Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (at the time Governor of the State of Oaxaca) and Raúl Castellanos (Communications Coordinator of the political party PRI - Institutional Revolutionary Party). The phone call mentions an agreement between PRI and the media Milenio not to give campaigning slots to the opposition candidate Gabino Cué, who ultimately won the elections for Governor of the State of Oaxaca for the 2010-2016 term.

In 2011 Marín Martínez admitted that Grupo Milenio has been involved with Televisa in managing the cable systems in the country's north, but according to him the agreement did not include the signal for Milenio TV. In 2019 he left the editorial direction of the newspaper, without his resignation being announced publicly. Marín continues in the directory, now with the title of "editorial advisor".

Affiliated Interests other important people

Francisco Darío González Albuerne and Jesús Dionisio González Albuerne - Both are grandsons of Jesús Dionisio González González and sons of Francisco Antonio González Sánchez. The brothers have investments in hotel chains and comercial centers in the north of the country. In October 2017, Emilio Gamboa Patrón - leader of the senators from PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) - admitted he had used government helicopter for private purposes such as playing golf with the former President Enrique Peña Nieto. In this occasion Patrón was accompanied by Francisco Darío. 


Address: Morelos No. 16, Col. Centro, C.P. 06040, Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F. Telephone: (55) 5140 4900

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